Up to MVR 11,000
Employment Type
HA. Dhidhdhoo


Salary and Benefits
Up to MVR 11,000
Job Description

Post:  Business Development Officer, Business Center Ha. Dhidhdhoo

Vacancies: 01

Gazette Announcement: https://www.gazette.gov.mv/iulaan/view/156596


1. Provide business advisory support and training sessions targeted at MSME’s and conduct inspections of businesses as required by SDFC and Ministry of Economic Development.

2. Responsible for collecting data and information of MSMEs in the respective regions to identify areas of
strategic importance and assist in the implementation of the business plan and strategic objectives of BCC.


Minimum 2 “D” passes in A’ Level and minimum “C” pass in English and Mathematics in IGCSE or
equivalent qualification


  1. Provide information advisory and support services to MSMEs in preparing, business proposals, financial statements, budgets, and forecasts under the guidance of BCC head office
  2. Attend to inspection requests and conduct inspections according to information provided by SDFC and MED
  3. Implement the Monitoring and Evaluation aspect of businesses in the region with a closer monitoring and evaluation of the BC recipients and MSME/SDFC Loan clients in the region
  4. Obtain and maintain information from all financial institutions regarding loan clients across the coverage region
  5. Conduct economic profiling to identify the current business activities in the area and challenges facing MSMEs
  6. Based on the economic profiling survey identify the gaps in supply chain and recommend potential businesses for the region
  7. Ensure records and documentation on consultations and business visits, inspections are archived in a systematic manner
  8. Ensure client records are archived and maintained in a systematic manner
  9. Identifying market linkage opportunities and innovative areas of new product development for the MSMEs
  10. Liaise with other training providers to obtain their services to support BC training needs as and when required
  11. Assist in organizing and conducting trainings, information sessions and awareness programs suited to meet the needs of MSMEs
  12. Ensure the contractors providing services to the BC are made aware of their renewals and follow up to renew the contracts in a timely manner
  13. Updates job knowledge by keeping with financial and taxation regulations
  14. Maintain an asset register and monitor stock and inventory of the BC in close collaboration with head office
  15. Prepare the goods and services request form of the BC and payment vouchers as required under the guidance of procurement section of BCC
  16. Manage relationship with vendors, service providers and other contractors, ensuring all payments are settled on time
  17. Conduct calibration of equipment that are brought to the Metrology Cell established in the a. BC as per the standard operative procedures, and affix seal of calibration on this equipment
  18. Collect payment for the Calibration services and prepare necessary reports including financial a.
    Report to be sent to the Ministry.
  19. Perform other work related duties assigned by the Business Center Corporation

Requirements and Qualifications

Minimum Experience
Not Specified
Minimum Qualification
Advanced Level (ALevel) / Advance Certificate

Documents to Submit

  • 1. Job Application Form
  • 2. Curriculum Vitae
  • 3. ID Card Copy / Passport Copy
  • 4. Accredited and attested copies of certificates
  • 5. Previous employment reference letters
  • 6. Police Certificate

Other Information

Employment Type
  • Full-Time

މިވަޒީފާއަށް ކުރިމަތިލުމަށް ލޮގިންވެލާ

Published Date
13 July 2021
Expiry Date
1 August 2021
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