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23,305 ރުފިޔާ
ވަޒީފާގެ ތަފްޞީލު

Fahi Dhiriulhun Corporation is looking to recruit for the below-mentioned vacancies. The TOR for the positions is attached with this announcement. Interested candidates are invited to submit their applications by clicking the link detailed below.

Post: Building Surveyor

Vacancies: 02

Reporting relationship: Head of Department

Gross Salary: - MVR 23,305.00

Employment Type: Ordinary (first year on contract)

Application form link:


Deadline: Before 24 September 2023 (16:00 HRS)


  1. Act as an adviser to the contractor, check site work and maintain precise and regular journal of work progress.
  2. Review and comment on survey related matters in Contractors’ Quality Control Plans, shop drawings and all other submittals for conformance with project specifications by direct review and by utilizing the knowledge and experience of others in the project team when necessary.
  3. Formulate a survey control methodology and verify the acceptable accuracy and precision is maintained during the construction.
  4. Maintain constant liaison with the Contractor and their representatives (architects, surveyors, and other technical staff) including attending regular meetings to ensure the pace of work progress.
  5. Assist the project manager in the development of work plans, workshops and periodical work sessions and meetings for the unit and hold orientation seminar for his team members from the project.
  6. Coordinate surveying activities with Contractors and project team to meet construction requirements.
  7. Determine methods and procedures for establishing or reestablishing horizontal and vertical survey control.
  8. Check as-built conditions that require use of surveying techniques.
  9. Prepare documentation (field books and reports) of surveying activities and certify performed works.
  10. Prepare or revise engineering survey drawings as directed.
  11. Performing survey calculations and required checks to create/verify set out data.
  12. Checking the setting out for various trades as required by the project team.
  13. Verifying the setting out / stake out of all the coordinates project boundary & property lines alignments and elevations.
  14. Perform As-Built surveys and reporting for quality assurance.
  15. Use a variety of modern surveying equipment, manual recording, computer-aided drafting programs and databases to collect and record survey data according to project requirements.
  16. Communicate with project engineers and construction personnel as needed on a daily basis to verify survey data is matching with design.
  17. Test surveying instruments as well as its function are well calibrated.
  18. Verify the accuracy of the information contained on the as built drawings.
  19. Prepares daily accomplishment report of the as built surveys to be submitted to QC department.
  20. Reviews the Contractor's transmittal related to any survey related works and provides comments, follows up for closure of any Comment Review Sheets pertaining to his works.
  21. Assist in the implementation of the established health and safety management procedures within the organization and in project sites.


  1. Completion of MQA Level 7 Qualification in Surveying, Geomatics, or Civil Engineering.
  2. Must have a minimum of three (03) years of professional work experience in the field of building or land surveying with field experience in a construction site management or construction site surveyor role.


  1. Competent in the of use Auto-levels, Total Stations and GPS receivers and controllers.
  2. Proficiency in AutoCAD, Civil3D, and other GIS platforms. Additionally, familiarity with Microsoft Office package and MS Project for Project Planning, scheduling, and various report preparations.
  3. Highly organized and should be able to multitask.
  4. Good interpersonal and communication skills.

Submission details: Where applicants are unable to submit via link provided, please email completed applications to [email protected]. Additionally, the priority would be focused on locals.

Should you require any more information, please contact us on 7318778 or mail [email protected] between 08:00 AM to 04:00 PM on working days.

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ތަޖުރިބާގެ އެންމެ ދަށް މިންވަރު
ބަޔާންކޮށްފައި ނެތް

ހުށަހަޅަންޖެހޭ ލިޔެކިޔުން

  • Documents to be submitted:
  • 1. Online Application form
  • 2. Curriculum Vitae
  • 3. ID Card Copy / Passport Copy
  • 4. Copies of educational certificates (Accreditation and attestation – optional)
  • 5. Previous employment reference letters (letters must include name of the organization, post/designation, duration of employment, and summary of responsibilities/works carried out) - optional.
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17 ސެޕްޓެމްބަރު 2023
މުއްދަތު ހަމަވާ ތާރީޚް
24 ސެޕްޓެމްބަރު 2023