ތަޢުލީމާއި ތަމްރީނުގެ ފުރުޞަތުތައް

Ordinary Level (OLevel) / Certificate 3
5 months
Male' City, Male'


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This course will expand your thinking about animation, interaction, and multimedia projects. The course ensures that you keep up with the latest technology trends by incorporating the very latest technologies. Graphic design and multimedia programs will first cover the fundamentals of drawing and design, digital imaging and color theory. Also teach digital illustration, concept development, and typography and Photoshop skills.


The World Bank COVID-19 Income Support Project was initiated to assist individuals whose employment was impacted by the pandemic. 

As per the project requirements, individuals without a job or working less than 20 hours per week (at the time of application) are eligible for this assistance (please refer to the Training Program Usoolu for more information).

100% Government Funded


Monthly MVR 5,000 will be paid as a stipend subject to attendance.

Course Fee
Num. of Seats
Course Location
Niyandhurumaage, 7th Floor, Alimas Magu, Male’, Maldives
Male' City, Male'

Course Structure

  • C3DVF - Design and Visualization Fundamentals
  • C3GIF - Graphic and Illustration Fundamentals
  • C3AICC - Adobe Illustrator
  • C3APCC - Adobe Photoshop
  • C3CDRX6 - Corel Draw

Other Information

Mode of Study
  • Full-Time
Course Starts
20 July 2022
Published Date
15 June 2022
Expiry Date
15 July 2022