About Us

The company was founded in1965 as a home business by Mr. Ali Hussain using a hand operated cyclostyling machine for printing, shaving razor blades for cutting paper and an old sewing machine for perforating. manual stencil to letterpress to offset printing, the company has evolved in sync with every major advancement in the printing industry. Today its the nation's largest and leading provider of printing, publishing and related services with fully integrated production facilities that offer total solutions from concept design to finished product and everything in between. We produce quality products ranging from corporate stationary to full color brochures, books, posters, signboards and billboards.

More Information

Employer Type
Private Business
  • Manufacture of paper and paper products
  • Printing and reproduction of recorded media
  • Publishing activities
Employment Types
  • Full-Time
Skills Required
  • Accounting
  • Accounting and finance
  • Accounting skills
  • Adaptability
  • Administration
  • Administrative Assistant Technical Skills
  • Advanced negotiation skills
  • Automotive engineering
  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Basic electricians’ skills
  • Basic engineering skills
  • Billing
  • Goal setting
  • Graphic Design
  • Graphic Designer Technical Skills
  • Graphics
  • Graphics designing
  • Excellent listening skills
  • Human resource management
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Industrial engineering
  • Inventory management and warehous-ing
  • IT security
  • Java
  • Java, SQL, C#, Python, iOS, PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Kanban
  • Leadership
  • Leadership skills
  • Logistics
  • Logistics and procurement skills
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Marketing Skills
  • Recruitment
  • Sales
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Sales management
  • Sales Technical Skills
  • Salesforce
  • Software and applications development and analysis
  • Software developers
  • Software development
  • Software Skills
  • Spreadsheets
  • Stock inventory
  • System administration
  • Teamwork/Collaboration
  • Technical Marketing Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Technicians
  • Time management
  • Web (HTML, CSS, CMSs, SEO, etc.)
  • Web Development
  • Website development