H. Shabnam | Majeedhee Magu | 20007 | Male', Maldives
Male' City, Male'

About Us

Male’ is one of the most densely populated Capitals in the World. Consequently, finding suitable accommodation in Male’ for high ranking professionals, both locals and International have always been a challenge.

To fill the gap in demand, in 2002, Minan Investment started leasing high end service apartments in Male’ for professionals. At the time, service apartment was a new concept to Maldivains, and Minan became the proud first to provide such service.

The neoteric luxury service apartments has been a great accomplishment.

All the apartment buildings are in the best location of Male’ with a view of famous landmarks such as Sina Male’ Bridge, Artificial Beach.

To cater the great demand in luxury service apartments, Minan was renamed as Samann Investments Private Limited in 2015. And since have leased and catered to high-end personals such as Heads of Diplomatic Missions in the Maldives, Bank Managers, Resort Managers, Top Business people.


  • Shabnam Residence

Shabnam Residence laid the foundation of business for serviced apartment buildings in Male’ and marks the beginning of Minan as a competitor of apartment leasing business. The conveniently located building stands an elegant 10 storey tall on 2300sqft of land on the ward of Henveiru with just a less than a minute’s walk from the famous Artificial Beach. The building accommodates to spacious, 3 rooms, 2 rooms and 1 room apartments with sumptuous designs and futuristic décor, maintaining luxury at an affordable price.

  • Sea View Residence (SVR)

Located on the Marine Drive, the Sea View Residence faces the captivating view of the Indian Ocean overlooking two great landmarks of the city; the artificial beach and the China-Maldives Friendship Bridge and a glimpse of the international airport runway from its east-wing. With modern yet comfortable furnishing and interior, this apartment complex brings new meaning to the phrase comfort-luxury.

  • Sunrise Residence

Sunrise Residency, located on the very east of the capital graces you with warm sunrises and differentiate the building with its unique color palette of purple and white.

SRR stands on ----- sqft land, with 2 apartments of spacious 2-bedrooms on each floor with a clear view of newly developed park, next to the bridge. The fully furnished apartments are designed with consideration to the hectic life in Male’, hence the soothing colors and shades, and careful décor promising relaxation to a busy day’s end.

  • Starlight Residencies

With its close proximity to shops and restaurants, the location of Starlight Residence beams of convenience. This 900 sqft building consists of 10 storeys with luxury apartments on each. Cosy and comforting decorations with a hint of modern lavishness encompasses the apartments to elevate the feeling of home.

  • FM Apartments

FM apartments is a 10 storey building with spacious two 3 bedroom apartments on each floor. The sitting area is extravagantly spacious and most ideal for big families and entertaining friends.

Being located at Sosun Magu, the building is surrounded by many shops and restaurants, making this an attractive choice for busy executives looking for easy access to daily needs. The building also neighbors one of the greatest hospital in the country; ADK, with just a 3 minute walk.


More Information

Employer Type
Private Business
  • Real estate activities
Employment Types
  • Full-Time
  • Part-Time
Skills Required
  • Building maintenance
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Guesthouse management skills
  • Housekeeping skills
  • Inventory management and warehous-ing
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Office management and maintenance
  • Real estate
  • Record keeping
  • Recruitment
  • Refrigeration and air-conditioning
  • Reporting
  • Research