About Us

Rasheed Carpentry and Construction Pvt Ltd has emerged as one of the most respected general contracting companies in the Maldives. More commonly known as Rasheed Carpentry, our business has proved our ability to take on large and complex projects to be completed on time, on budget and at the highest levels of quality. - An energetic enthusiasm for what we do. - Sensitivity to the needs of our customers. - A willingness to accept total responsibility. - And a craftsman like pride in knowing that what we build will last for generations. Over the years, we have developed multifaceted systems and procedures to ensure control over cost, quality, schedule, scope, and safety. We consider each member of the Project Team to be essential to the success of a project. We foster an atmosphere of mutual trust and cooperation among the team members by remaining sensitive to their specific needs throughout the project life cycle. We also have a company-wide policy encouraging quality services at a competitive price, ensuring the highest degree of professional service and results on all projects undertaken. We believe this is why knowledgeable businesses, organizations and architects in the Maldives place their confidence and their trust in Rasheed Carpentry and Construction Pvt. Ltd.

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Private Business
  • Construction of buildings
  • Civil engineering
  • Specialized construction activities
  • Wholesale and retail trade of construction materials
  • Real estate activities