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MTDC is founded on the belief in social responsibility. It could be said that the entire purpose of the corporation is to create the opportunity to bring the wealth garnered from the tourism industry to every man and woman in the Maldives. MTDC will bolster development of the nation and all branches of its community. We intend to create job opportunities close to home. MTDC intends these goals to strengthen society and contribute to the health, happiness, and economic stability of not just every individual but of every household. We value you, and we value your family.

The government shows its staunch belief in our vision by leasing us 9 islands at a rate substantially below the market rate. With support of such a scale, MTDC is positioned to act on our vision; just as the industry was founded on the hard work and imagination of a select few individuals, our ideals will be made a reality based on affordable share valuation and the creation of economic opportunities. Like the mat patterns that represent MTDC’s branding, we believe that the aspects of the economy are also intertwined and inseparable; MTDC believes that tourism should bolster and brace other industries as a result of the industry’s growth. As such, purely based on scope, our goals are based on the long-term and not on short-term rewards with undesired byproducts.

It is MTDC’s fervent belief that the Maldives will become a self-sustainable country that invests in sustainable development to benefit the entire nation. We believe our vision and our policies have the strength to steer the tourism industry into creating avenues for better distribution of wealth.


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