Ma. Ministry of Finance and Treasury, Ameenee Magu 20379, K. Male', Maldives
Male' City, Male'

About Us

Maldives Centre for Islamic Finance Ltd. (MCIF) was established on 24th March 2016 as a 100% Government-owned company with a head office based in the Maldives.
Our main purpose is to link the Islamic Finance industry in the Maldives to international markets.

  • Operate as a regional Islamic Finance Center having representatives based in different parts of the world.
  • Lead in promoting Islamic finance through policy engagements and capacity building initiatives while focusing on innovative product development.
  • Assist the issuance of cross-border Islamic financial instruments for infrastructure projects and development projects by pooling funds in the region.
  • The Maldives with more flexible legal and financial infrastructure makes it one of the ideal destinations to have a regional financial centre.
  • Maldives enjoys a friendly relationship with all the countries in the SAARC region and the Middle East and major economic powers such as China.
  • The geographical location and easy visa arrangements that the country has gives the Maldives a competitive advantage over the rest of the players in the region.


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