Life Support Pvt Ltd
Ma. Maadelhi, 7th Floor, Majeedhee Magu

About Us

Life Support Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2011, with the purpose of enhancing the quality of life of people throughout the Maldives. Today, Life Support have partnered with numerous brands across the globe to provide access to premium products. Life Support team of professional and competent individuals truly makes them unique, and true to their brand of creating a community that is health-conscious and proactively aware of what makes their lives better. They are committed to upholding their core values of Integrity, Availability, Affordability, Involvement, Flexibility, and Quality. It is these values that lead and define our brand.

Our continual addition of products and services enable us to cater to the needs of many licensed professionals and facilities including, but not limited to, physicians, dentists, surgical centres, and medical clinics.

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Employer Type
Private Business
  • Wholesale trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles
  • Retail trade, except of motor vehicles and motor cycles