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SeaShuttle Maldives forms part of SeaShuttle Group; a unique, vertically integrated yachting group. It comprises companies that specialise in the design, manufacture, sale, maintenance and management of yachts in water transport and excursion related services. Since its inception in 1993, SeaShuttle has evolved consistently.

In 2005, it diversified into the excursion business, branding this initiative as iSpeed escapes while transport services were introduced as iSpeed shuttle. With the continued tourism growth as well as the rapid increase in demand and awareness for marine products in Southeast Asia, the SeaShuttle group has focused on the Republic of Maldives as one of the first areas of activity in this expansive market.

In keeping with our business philosophy, we believe that by establishing an operational entity that can manage, operate, maintain and present group products, SeaShuttle strive to over time, as we had done in the BVI, become a significant player in the developing South and Southeast Asian market.

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