M. Alcyon Emerald Building, 4th Floor, Koli Umar Maniku Goalhi, 20188
Male' City, Male'

About Us

GEOWAVE formed strategic partnerships with the leading oil importers in the country for efficient fuel distribution. Tailoring packages to clients’ needs, from fuel management systems to logistical technicalities, we aim to deliver efficiently.

Delivering from multiple source points, we provide a dynamic service with notable flexibility. If you are looking for a fuel solution, whether it is commercial, industrial or power generation, we have a solution for it.  We are a practical and reliable salesforce with a competent crew who can assist you in the right direction. Our goal is to be your one-stop-shop for all your fuel-related needs.

Headquartered in Malé city, the company’s’ aim is operating competitively in the progressing energy distribution field with a highly motivated taskforce in safe working conditions.

More Information

Employer Type
Private Business
  • Extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas
  • Wholesale and retail trade of construction materials
  • Sea transport services