ތަޢުލީމާއި ތަމްރީނުގެ ފުރުޞަތުތައް

Ordinary Level (OLevel)
6 Months
Male' City, Hulhumale'


More Details

This program will give apprentices the skills and knowledge to work in the management and maintenance of public and private parks, gardens, and community recreation areas, etc. Also 
apprentices learn skills in the Parks and Gardens area, such as plant recognition, plant nutrition, park facility maintenance and machinery skills. This program offers the units of competency which are required to meet job outcomes at this level in the Parks and Gardens area. This specific skill set is very scarce in the employment market of Maldives, hence, opening up a range of opportunities for anyone who ventures into this area.


The World Bank COVID-19 Income Support Project was initiated to assist individuals whose employment was impacted by the pandemic. 

As per the project requirements, individuals without a job or working less than 20 hours per week (at the time of application) are eligible for this assistance (please refer to the Apprenticeship Program Usoolu for more information).

100% Government Funded


A stipend of MVR 6,000 will be paid monthly for the entire duration of the apprenticeship program.

Course Fee
Course Location
HDC Building, Ground Floor
Hulhumalé, Republic of Maldives
Male' City, Hulhumale'


Student Requirements
  • Completion of Grade 10 and/or MQA level 2 qualification
  • Candidates should be within the age group of 16-35 years.

Other Information

Mode of Study
  • Full-Time